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How much is it?
There is a $35 fee for all day entry, HPA air refills (good for all day), and gun rental, including paintball gun, mask, and a paintball
hopper (holder).How safe is it ?
Paintball is just like any other sport. It does have it’s risks if you don’t take
the proper precautions and follow the proper procedures. This is why we
offer a mandatory safety class so we ensure your safety and the person
playing beside you.

How old do you have to be ?
Our policy requires the player to be at least 10 years old.

Can I bring my own gun ?
You may bring your own gun but it will have to pass certain regulations to ensure safety of you and other players.

What should I wear ?
Come dressed in layers. You will be able to rent a helmet but it will be up
to you to cover the rest of your body.Gloves are recommened.

Is the paint washable ?
Yes the paint is washable but may not come out in the washing machine. So bring clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!

What is provided ?
Everything that you will need will be provided. All you want to do is make sure you dress in layers and maybe some gloves.

I am a first timer. What should I expect ?
You should expect a thrilling, adrenaline pumping experience, that is both safe and exciting !

How protected will I be ?
You will usually have your arms and hands exposed. This is why it is up to
you to wear sleeves and gloves. Masks are to be worn at all times.

What group discounts are offered?

For groups of 10 or more, we offer a nominal fee of $30 per person which
includes all rental equipment, unlimited HPA air refills, and 200
paintballs per person. We also offer a special of $40 per person which
includes everything mentioned previously but with 500 paintballs per
person. ($5 savings per person.)

Are memberships available?

Yes, $200 per year including all air fees and 30% discount on park
paintballs. Does not apply to special events, like tournaments or